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Leadership team Russell Treadwells, Alex Blahyj, Sidney Visser, Alex Mcnally and Executive Chef Sydney de Hart set to take Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum Skypool Restaurant to a spectacular level

Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum Skypool Restaurant, Dubai’s hotspot nestled at Radisson Beach Resort at West Beach, The Palm Jumeirah, offers  Mediterranean cuisine, upbeat music and buzzing entertainment.

The restaurant recently unveiled its leadership team to take the venue to a spectacular level. Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum Skypool Restaurant confirms Fendale Logistics founders Russell Treadwells and Alex Blahyj to take the lead in the success and growth of the dynamic venue. Treadwell brings forth his expertise in operations, business development and procurement with hospitality projects including restaurants in the UK and Dubai.

Co-Founder Blahyj’s expertise lies in manufacturing, retail, logistics and people development while developing Fendale Logistics businesses in key markets across Asia, the Middle East, and the UK. The duo sets out to create a sophisticated dining experience with sensational Mediterranean cuisine and a cosy rustic ambience.

Sidney Visser and Alex Mcnally join as general managers at Tonino to lead the team, people and success of the business. Visser has worked globally in key destinations including Tenerife, South Africa, Bali, and Dubai and with renowned venues such as Zero Gravity and Soho Beach. Mcnally spent his career working in Australia, England, and Dubai as well as Jumeirah Hotel and Tom & Serg in Dubai.

Award-winning Executive Chef Sydney de Hart brings his dynamic flair and wealth of culinary expertise to the team. Chef Sydney has previously worked in Beijing’s Top 5 fine dining restaurants and has received more than 15 accolades. Chef Sydney sets out to create a memorable dining experience with his innovative approach and passion. 

Open from Monday-Sunday, from 11am-1am. Visit the Instagram.

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