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Having begun his culinary journey in 2005 after graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management in Bangalore, Chef Pravish Shetty worked as a Commis 3 in Sloane’s all-day-dining restaurant at Grosvenor House Dubai. He soon ventured to the hotel’s award-winning restaurant Indego by Vineet after his talent, hard work and impeccable skills were recognised by Chef Vineet Bhatia himself.

Chef Shetty later progressed to Commis 1 at Al Murooj Rotana before joining Chef Bhatia again as a Sous Chef at Maharaja by Vineet, Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. It’s clear the world-class chef couldn’t get enough of him as he later re-hired him as a Chef de Cuisine at Saffron Lounge by Vineet, Doha in Spring 2012 where he polished his skills and managed a high volume of à la carte covers.

In February 2015 Chef Shetty returned to the city where it all began: Dubai. However, his career has come a long way from his days as a Commis 3 as he became the Head Chef of Naya, a North Indian restaurant serving traditional and affordable street-style food in a five-star environment. “I’ve had the opportunity to work at five-star hotels and standalone restaurants, which has helped me shape a broader perspective of the industry. I’ve had wonderful training but I’m very excited to be able to step out and create my own food at Naya. We’re serving authentic North Indian Karama-style cuisine, at great value in a luxury environment,” he said of his move.

But what’s in his fridge?

“A Chef’s commercial kitchen is bound to be a bit different compared to one he has at home. Being an avid cook, I love to stock my fridge up with everyday essential ingredients. When someone opens my home fridge, I wanted there to be an essence of spices and freshness. In terms of cooking, I have learnt a few sauces and gravies from my mother, which has been always handy to prepare for a quick meal. In terms of ingredients, I tend to stick to fresh seasonal vegetables when cooking as it always improves a dish and makes a difference. I use eggs a lot in cooking to add some protein. However, to me, no meal is complete without some Indian sweets.”

Chef Shetty prefers his food to be bursting with flavour, “When it comes to cooking meats, I really like it when the seasoning is carried all the way through the meat. I guess that is the chef in me shining through. Therefore, a few marinated chicken thighs and lamb racks are always sure to be in my fridge. They are great to have on hand already marinated, so you can just throw them on the grill or braised in sauce to have accompanied by rice or bread.”

Ordinary coffee won’t cut it for this chef as he explains, “Another items that you will find in my fridge is a particular coffee mix that is typically found in Northern Indian households. I don’t need a coffee machine, all I have to do is add a spoonful of the mixture to boiling milk and I am all set!”

“To wrap up, you can also always find a blend of rice and lentils already prepared in the fridge. This is great to put together a quick healthy breakfast like Dosa (pancakes) and Idlis (Steamed cakes).

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