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Make a beeline for this bistro-style menu at Terra

Terra Jumeirah

Terra, named after the Latin word for earth, is a concept inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean with approachable, bistro-style food.

Take a seat at the chic dining area or on the tree-lined terrace, designed to recreate the ambience of a summer’s day at a Southern European courtyard. The concept’s earthy aesthetic is evident from its hand-finished clay walls and handmade floor tiles. Natural textures including reclaimed wood, linen fabrics, smoked metals and ceramics in earth tones, lend a canvas for green foliage in electric blue pots that fill the space.

Terra Jumeirah
The menu showcases small plates including the beef carpaccio roll and sweet aubergine croquettes, with new takes on classic combinations, provided by a selection of wood-fired pizzas and pastas. Other dishes include the umami-packed short rib with barley risotto; salt-baked sea bass with shaved zucchini; and lamb chops with smoked aubergine and harissa. To end the experience, classics such as Lotus cheesecake and sticky date pudding round up the sweet treats on the menu.

Al Thanya Street, Jumeirah’s Umm Al Sheif district, open daily from 11am-11pm. Visit Instagram.

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