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In only two years, Ymakan has led some of the most exceptional food and beverage companies in the Middle East and Asia to achieve astonishing results. They build and maintain extensive networks, innovative products, strategic planning and advanced marketing and advertising tactics.

International business partners Sarah Motwali and Vanessa Linney have spearheaded Ymakan since 2017, they have collectively spent over 25 years in the food and beverage industry.  Their extensive knowledge has led them to provide outstanding solutions for some of the most sizeable food companies in the world by sourcing new and innovative ingredients for talented chefs in the region and manage sales, marketing and supply chain functions.  Their dedication has led them to be awarded the global title of Recognised Experts in Food Brand Development 2019 – Middle East and Asia Pacific in the LUX Life awards 2019.

Ymakan has a rich and diverse collection of food and beverage specialists within their extensive portfolio and prides themselves on providing exemplary services that connect the right suppliers with the right procurement teams: enabling fast, sustainable growth and sales.  Empathetic connections are essential for ‘right fit’ partnerships.  Ymakan have various trade partnerships including DTI UK and Enterprise Singapore.  They ensure the provision of the right distributor and buyers from specific HORECA and retail sectors. Their clients are varied and range from 4 and 5* hotel groups and restaurants, cinemas and entertainment venues, quick service restaurants and coffee chains, airlines, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, food and beverage manufacturers and food groups.

Ymakan proves time and time again that they increase sales growth for the brands that they represent. They achieve large volume sales and return on investment through transparency and realistic planning.  David De Jong of Bio Tiful explains the importance of such partnerships: “Bio Tiful has been working with Ymakan since 2018 with a clear objective of increasing our sales and market share. They have also been tasked with growing our store distribution within each retailer. They have successfully delivered this with speed, diligence and professionalism and as such, we have seen a rapid expansion of our business within the UAE.   We selected Ymakan as our Middle East partner for many reasons. They have taken the time to understand our unique brand and share the same passion and ambition for Bio Tiful as we do. Their expert knowledge and relationships with the region’s leading Food and Beverage clients, has meant that we were able to fast track our objectives. In a short period of time we have seen more than a 100% uplift in sales and store distribution”.

Ymakan touchpoints have five clear divisions; brand representation which launches and commercialises products across HORECA and retail channels; provides robust distribution plans and vast networks of relevant connections and partners.  A dedicated market research team reports with real customer feedback on new products and will provide insights and pricing strategies and counsel low-risk solutions. Highly skilled and experienced salespeople are versed with diverse knowledge and a deep understanding of the sophisticated food and beverage industry in the region. Ymakan partner with some of the largest food and beverage business and consumer publishers in the Middle East. They provide rounded digital, print, social media and event intelligence. To complete the customer journey, Ymakan has unrivalled senior partnerships and relationships across the globe, thus ensuring unbeatable food sourcing opportunities.

Already, Ymakan has a busy 2020 planned. As part of their expansion strategy; focus will be on sustainable products and technologies which will help fight against the plastic problem in Asia and the rest of the world.  They will be attending various food and beverage shows in Asia, Europe and the UK; growth of their global team is also at the forefront of their plans and the team will be on hand to meet new and existing customers. As part of their CSR commitment, Ymakan freely share their knowledge and experience with communities and youth in remote Indonesian villages that are battling with the destruction of their rainforests, homes and orangutans. Expansion plans also include the want to increase focus on ‘free from’ and vegan brands.

Contact details: For more information, please contact Sarah Motwali, Co-founder and CEO / +971 (0) 503439649 and Vanessa Linney, Co-founder and Managing Partner / +971 (0) 544341919


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