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DXB LIVE is all set to organize the third edition of the World of Coffee Exhibition in 2024, reaffirming its dedication to supporting the coffee sector in the MENA region.

This prestigious coffee trade exhibition aims to create a dynamic platform for industry professionals, exhibitors, and coffee enthusiasts to foster meaningful connections and explore business growth prospects. In collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the exhibition is scheduled to take place from January 21 to 23, 2024, at the renowned Dubai World Trade Centre.

Dubai’s global prominence in the coffee industry is exemplified by the presence of 615 coffee trade companies, as reported by Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism. The upcoming World of Coffee exhibition’s third edition promises an array of thrilling features and activities to enthral participants. Among these offerings is a dedicated Buyers Lounge, providing a conducive environment for industry professionals to network and discover new business prospects.

The event is dedicated to facilitating significant growth opportunities for farmers, distributors, and traders through the establishment of partnership agreements. Anticipating a diverse and esteemed gathering, the exhibition expects the participation of internationally renowned coffee chains, stores, and baristas, with special mention to the esteemed ‘Simonelli Group.’ Another notable participant in the exhibition is Boncafé Middle East, a reputable provider of both domestic and professional coffee machines, grinders, blenders, and various beverage equipment and products.

The World of Coffee 2024 Exhibition will serve as a catalyst for businesses seeking to expand their foothold in the Middle East, capitalizing on the region’s increasing demand for top-notch coffee experiences and contemporary coffee shop chains. With an unwavering commitment to offering a leading platform for the growth of the coffee trade, DXB LIVE is dedicated to delivering a world-class event that drives the coffee industry forward.

The success of the second edition of the exhibition, held in January 2023, was truly remarkable, with the participation of 1,500 companies and brands from 44 countries, drawing up to 10,000 visitors, including experts, farmers, suppliers, distributors, and coffee enthusiasts.

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