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Join this four-part webinar series and watch a panel of movers and shakers from Dubai discuss trends, the current market, and what the future holds.

Koita, the much-loved homegrown organic milk brand, are launching online panel discussions from June 1st, 2020. Food Talkz, curated by Koita, is a four-part webinar series where a panel of four foodie “movers and shakers” will have a conversation with Mustafa Koita, CEO, Koita Foods, on the future of the F&B industry.

Mustafa Koita will be joined weekly by: Chef Izu Ani (restaurateur), Dinesh Pagarani – Director of Choithrams, Bilal Ballout, founder and co-CEO of BMB (The world’s largest Baklava Mfg.), and Olivia Manner, founder of Hello Chef (the UAE’s fastest growing home delivery meal – kits supplier). Together they will address the issues and trends facing the F&B industry, vis-à-vis their expertise. 

The F&B industry has experienced a boom and a devastating impact during COVID-19. This brings up some interesting discussions on the future, when it comes to how companies will have to adjust accordingly, the supply chain, consumer behaviours, and marketing to the “new” consumer.

Panels will run every Monday, from June 1st, via Zoom. The webinar’s are an hour-long with a live discussion followed by a Q&A.


June 1st, 2pm (GST): What’s The “New Normal” For Consumer Behaviour? 

Will people continue their online habits? Is delivery not a luxury? Is shelf stable the way to go and what are the challenges with the new fresh experience? Is cooking at home not a chore anymore?


June 8th, 2pm (GST): Work; Redefined.

What will the new workspace look like six months from now? Has company culture changed? Less travel? Zoom fatigue? 


June 15th, 2pm (GST): Original Marketing Plan Scrapped!

Has you company plan been manifesting itself in these times? The target audience and offerings. How will you honour your mission and vision in the face of adversity? Is your current messaging relevant now?


June 22nd, 2pm, (GST): Making Stuff Work 

What to expect and how to plan for it. The challenges and obstacles around supply and demand forecasting, importing, stock assessment, inventory management?


To register, visit Instagram (@koitafoods), click on the link in the bio or email: for registration details. 



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