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ExploreTECH has announced a comprehensive new vendor/product comparison tool for users, that is set to transform the hospitality and travel industry

ExploreTECH Dubai

A Gartner ‘Future of Sales’ research shows that by 2025, 80 per cent of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur on digital channels. Riding on this news, ExploreTECH has now introduced a revolutionary solution with its comprehensive vendor/product comparison tool for users. The new component will assist hospitality and travel buyers in making informed business decisions based on their requirements; while providing vendors a platform to showcase their products and technology.

This latest feature helps buyers from the travel and hospitality industry save time and money, by offering an in-depth breakdown of key features and functionalities per products of different providers all on one unified platform.

On the other hand, technology providers are presented with a unique opportunity to showcase their key products and features, reaching out to a wide range of buyers all with different objectives and budgets. By connecting with the right vendors, buyers can navigate challenges and create long-term strategies; and the platform will also allow subscribers to request demos and buy products directly from vendors.

The one-of-a-kind digital marketplace assists vendors in boosting their audience engagement and lead generation through cost-effective subscription modules.  ExploreTECH’s objective is to connect these vendors with hospitality and travel businesses of all sizes and budgets, as well as consulting firms, investors and other service providers that support the hospitality and tourism.

ExploreTECH works as a unified source for multiple vendors, changing industry standards with its beneficial features. Its user-friendly format allows businesses to take maximum advantage with easy assimilation; and the brand’s objective is simple – it is all about creating a new type of marketplace that brings together multiple players, small and large, on one platform.

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