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Premium Norwegian water brand, EIRA continues an impressive year with the appointment of award-winning chef, Reif Othman as Global Brand Ambassador

EIRA, a premium Norwegian water brand, appoints award-winning Chef Reif Othman as their global brand ambassador. As prominent players in the food and beverage industry, this partnership represents the perfect pairing of two pioneering brands with a shared commitment towards quality and innovation.

EIRA is the selected water of choice for various luxury restaurants, hotels and Michelin-starred chefs because of its premium standards. In search of the purest water in Norway, geologists found the Eira fount. The water is pristine clear, low in minerals, unfiltered and bottled straight from the source. The EIRA plant is 100% hydroelectric, making it a low greenhouse gas emission CSR establishment that uses one of the cleanest sources of electricity for its operations.

Chef Othman has transformed the dining scene in the region with his innovative culinary creations, an approach that strongly resonates with the aspirations of the EIRA Water brand. Chef Othman is highly respected in the Dubai dining scene having helmed several renowned restaurants in the region including Zuma, Play Restaurant & Lounge and his latest venture, Reif Japanese Kushiyaki. Taking inspiration from various cuisines, Chef Othman is recognized for his unique Meditterasian style of cuisine starring an exquisite fusion of East meets West ingredients and flavours.

EIRA and Chef Othman have big plans for the next 12 months and beyond, including launching new product ranges, expansion into emerging markets, and new partnerships. 2022 will also mark EIRA’s first year as the official global partner of the Michelin Guide and water of choice at the upcoming Abu Dhabi unveiling in November.

As the Global Brand Ambassador, Chef Othman will play a pivotal role in the promotion of EIRA Water to an international audience. EIRA will be the water of choice at Reif’s extensive collection of restaurants and pop-up venues. Chef Othman will also be a prominent figure at upcoming events and appearances planned for 2023.

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