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Launching the Middle East’s first Supperclub this month at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, GM Richard Drake and partner Yassin Matbouly, explain the concept, the crowds and the next chapter for the dining experience 

Billed as a world famous address for exquisite fine dining, artistic entertainment and sensational hospitality, the Dutch concept restaurant, Supperclub is aiming high for its next chapter in the Middle East.

Despite the first branch opening only this month at Dubai’s Ottoman inspired Jumeirah Zabeel Saray The Palm, the duo behind the launch already have their eyes on further Supperclub openings in Doha and Abu Dhabi, capitalising on the ever lucrative trend of brand/hotel tie-ups.

“It’s such an amazing concept and it’s so different to anything else out there. There is a gap in the market for that combination of excellent food and service and artistic expression. Without a doubt we are going to look at the other markets around the Middle East and Doha and Abu Dhabi are on our list,” says general manager Richard Drake.

The ‘club’ consists of six dining and entertainment options, including the chef’s tables, ‘Salle Neige’ (by head Chef Dom Robinson) and gold room ‘Salle d’Or’. Beverages are served from the ‘Balcony Noir’ and ‘Bar rouge’ while aerial and acrobatic artists, inspiring musicians and local talent entertain guests.

“Supperclub was originally, 21 years ago, born out of unruly artists, writers and musicians who were very expressionate, but we have had to evolve that concept [for this market] and now we have expression through food, artists and dancers,” Drake, who has previously been involved in the launch of Gaucho and Jamie’s Italian, continues to explain.

The opening falls in-line with the growing trend for standalone restaurant concepts, which are increasingly upping the F&B revenues of hotels, particularly during low occupancy periods. In turn, these outlets are changing the face of the ‘hotel restaurant’… and increasing competition.

Yassin Matbouly, a partner of Supperclub Middle East Facilities Management LLC, says the trend – and Supperclub’s presence – is being driven by evolving standards and expectations of dining in Dubai.

“The demands of society are changing, there is a market for novel experiences which is where Supperclub Dubai comes in. This will be the first premium restaurant and lounge concept in the region to integrate fine dining with complementing performing arts. The concept and brand vision is to stand out from other traditional restaurants by offering guests the unexpected.”

The man behind the Supperclub franchise, Bert Van der Leden, adds: “Supperclub was born out of our desire to be different, to offer our guests unexpected, unconventional venues highlighted by fine food, creativity and a sense of experimentation. The city’s burgeoning art scene, its position as the region’s cosmopolitan hub, and stunning Zabeel Saray setting made Dubai an obvious choice for our new venture.”

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