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Deliveroo predicts the UAE’s hottest F&B trends for 2021

Deliveroo UAE food trends 2021

The survey offers a sneak-peek into which foods kept consumers wanting more throughout 2020, and sheds light on what 2021 has in store for dining trends in the UAE.

Overall, we see that 2020 brought about a rise in clean eating and subsequently, a growing demand for meat and dairy alternatives. Findings from the survey show us that UAE residents want to carry these trends forward into 2021.

2020’s viral food trends

In the UAE, over 93% of consumers try out various food trends. There were attempts to make fresh pasta at home (43%); rise in clean eating at home (42%); internet trends of homemade whipped coffee (31%) and of course, baking delicious banana bread (28%) which interestingly, was most popular with residents aged 25-34 years.

Clean eating

The biggest prediction for 2021 revolves around clean, healthy and responsible eating, with 64% of people retaining clean eating trends of 2020, well into 2021.

A majority of participants in the survey believe that cutting down on food waste should be a priority (45%), and meat alternatives as sustainable foods should become an important part of our lives (43%). It also shows an increasing demand for vegan food, with a simultaneous increase in vegan F&B concepts in the UAE (29%); the continued support for local produce (28%); with seasonal vegetable trends and menus favoured (36%).

The new normal mealtimes

There has been – and continues to be – a number of people working from home. Key insights into meal schedules from the past year and into 2021 reveal that UAE residents have started eating breakfasts earlier in the day (32.75%); lunch is now later than usual (39%), and so is dinner (33%).

Takeaway theories

Reasons to ‘order in’ and ‘takeaway’ took on different meanings in 2020, with the most popular reason being a special occasion. We see that meals were ordered in when a break from home-cooked food was desired (36%); and when treating oneself was significant (32%).

New cuisines

There was a bit of curiosity and interest for new cuisines in 2020 with only 7.7% of respondents deciding not to try something new. Insights reveal Indian cuisine was the most popular, with 44% admitting having tried Indian Cuisine for the first time in 2020. American cuisine followed (38.80%); coming in third was takeaway-favourite, Chinese food (34.60%); followed by Italian (27.4%).

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