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The ENTERTAINER has developed its digital app to enable both members and non-members to access its exclusive delivery offers for UAE restaurants.

In response to a “huge demand” after UAE restaurants were reduced to delivery only, the team have been “working together to adjust strategies that meet the climate we are facing,” said Mike Rich, director of marketing at The ENTERTAINER.

Working with a number of independent restaurants such as Brick Lane British Indian and Bakericious, plus well-known high-street favourites like Pizzaro and Popeyes, The ENTERTAINER delivery offering via the app provides either a buy-one-get-one-free (for members) or 25% discount on various eateries.

In this most recent development, non-members can now download the app for free to access the 25% delivery offers at no cost, with no membership required.

The ENTERTAINER app is free to download on iOS or Android stores.

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