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With the new culinary team in place, the restaurant will elevate its menu and food offerings and introduce innovative culinary collaborations and interactive chef experiences

Head Chef Francesco Torcasio

Head Chef Francesco Torcasio, originating from Calabria, is celebrated for his commitment to time-honoured recipes, leaving an indelible mark on Italian gastronomy as Il Borro Dubai’s former chef. With a culinary journey starting at fifteen and influenced by a family where food was an art form, Torcasio climbed the ranks to become a highly admired chef, known for his leadership, communication skills, and ability to thrive under pressure.

His illustrious career showcases a dedication to excellence, demonstrated through crafting fresh pasta daily and consistently elevating the Italian dining experience across various countries.

Group Executive Chef Giuseppe Pezzella

Chef Giuseppe Pezzella brings decades of culinary expertise to Chic Nonna, showcasing innovation and creativity. Hailing from Naples, Italy, his approach emphasizes quality ingredients, preserving regional flavours, and blending classic techniques with modern trends. Pezzella’s culinary journey began in his family’s restaurant, followed by taking on bigger roles in France, the UK, and now the UAE. His commitment extends to supporting local farmers, promoting sustainability, and philanthropy.

 His collaboration with Head Chef Francesco Torcasio aligns with Chic Nonna’s commitment to pushing culinary boundaries for an unforgettable dining experience.

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