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IFFCO, the UAE-based international group, has taken a significant stride in addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions, revolutionising the olive oil production process. Through sustainable practices, IFFCO has introduced the first range of carbon-neutral olive oil products in the region under its popular Rahma brand, preserving rich flavours while minimising environmental impact.

As part of Rahma’s commitment to environmental improvement, the brand has defined its carbon footprint and set ambitious carbon reduction objectives in the olive oil value chain to be achieved by 2030. Aligned with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability in 2023 and Dubai hosting COP 28, IFFCO has collaborated with Climate Impact Partners, a specialist in carbon market solutions, to expedite obtaining carbon-neutral certification for its key product portfolios, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rizwan Ahmed, the Executive Director at IFFCO Group, expressed his delight with the rapid progress the company has made on this accomplishment, saying: “Established in 1975, we manufacture and market a well-integrated range of mass-market food products, related derivatives, intermediates and services. As regional experts in the industry since our very beginnings, we have always been conscious of the need and duty to show respect and admiration for nature’s bounty, and it is with immense pride that we are embarking on a journey towards sustainable food systems. With ESG commitments very much to the forefront of our strategy, we have been able to research, develop, acquire certification and launch a carbon-neutral olive oil that aims to help protect our planet and promote sustainable practices within our industry while strengthening our status as a forward-thinking advocate for reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering our carbon footprint.”

The company has instituted a comprehensive approach to reduce the environmental impact of the olive oil value chain. This involves enhancing its own practices and collaborating closely with olive growers and suppliers to implement positive interventions across the food systems.

Rahma secured its CarbonNeutral® product certification from Climate Impact Partners by endorsing two impactful projects aimed at bringing about meaningful change and ensuring that global warming stays below 1.5 degrees. The two projects, namely ‘Renewable Energy Portfolio Global’ and ‘Aqua Clara Water Filters, Kenya,’ represent a strategic investment beyond the group’s value chain to offset any remaining CO2 emissions after implementing internal measures.

The water project in Kenya also includes a robust social component, mirroring similar features in renewable energy projects across India, China, and Brazil. The total offset amount is 13,226 metric tons of CO2 emissions equivalent. By supporting these initiatives, IFFCO not only compensates for its own carbon footprint but also contributes significantly to the overall sustainability of the region.

The full ESG Report is available here.

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