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Felchlin produces luxury chocolate to nourish the spirit and soul, not simply to fill the stomach. That’s the reason, according to CEO Christian Aschwanden, why it is important to make time to savour and enjoy each product.  


The story of Felchlin chocolate begins at the origin, with the humble cacao bean. The cacao beans used to produce Felchlin chocolates are the company’s most precious resource. The journey starts, with the raw produce blossoming in the rainforests and ends with the cacao beans becoming quality chocolate in the heart of Switzerland. Max Felchlin AG has followed a clear path over decades. The company is proud to be a small producer, supporting true craftmanship in a niche market. Honesty is paramount. The company supports fair trade, and only picks ingredients which are farmed with this ethos.

The expertise and care which goes into the production of Felchlin chocolate, creates an incredible diversity of flavour across the range of products. In 2003 Max Felchlin AG launched an aroma wheel with accompanying taste profiles to describe its Grand Cru couverture product range, a concept that has been repeated over the years.

Felchlin has now expanded this concept and presents its new tool to simplify the daily interaction with various chocolate products for chocolatiers and pâtissiers. Together with clients and connoisseurs, Felchlin’s sensory and development team took one and a half years to create the professional and practical Flavour World. The revolutionary concept presents everything you need to know about the Felchlin products in a clear and practical manner. The following points are described by the new Flavour World:

  1. Cacao intensity
  2. Flavour profile
  3. Combination possibilities
  4. Emotional components


The new and clearly organised presentation distinguishes the diverse tastes and aroma intensities while depicting associated emotions and possible combinations, thus considerably simplifying the application possibilities for chocolatiers and pâtissiers.

Furthermore, Flavour World is an aid that enables sales staff to describe the special and complex characteristics of individual chocolate products in a straightforward manner so that clients can be transported on the uniquely pleasurable voyage of chocolate degustation. A small excerpt from the Flavour World:

Grand Cru Maracaibo 65% – it was selected as the best chocolate in the world in a blind tasting conducted by Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani.

Details: for more information and details about Felchlin’s Flavour World, visit Felchlin.  

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