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Embark on an extraordinary culinary odyssey with the premiere of ‘The Kitchen with Chef Marwan Sardouk’ on Fatafeat, starting November 21.

Chef Marwan takes viewers on a captivating exploration of Dubai’s diverse culinary landscape across eight episodes. This series unveils the behind-the-scenes dynamics of renowned dining establishments, shedding light on the hidden stories within each kitchen. Chef Marwan visits chefs like Chef Ariana of Ariana’s Persian Kitchen, Chef Tom Allen, and Chef Heston Blumenthal of Dinner By Heston, delving into what makes each restaurant exceptional.

‘The Kitchen with Chef Marwan Sardouk’ provides a unique perspective for food enthusiasts and those curious about the culinary world. Catch the episodes on Fatafeat from November 21 at 12:00 PM KSA time, and for catch-up, visit discovery+ through STARZPLAY and stc tv/Jawwy TV.

The featured restaurants include:

  1. KATA restaurant (Japanese Kitchen): Explore the culinary excellence and modern creativity of KATA, an extraordinary restaurant in The Dubai Mall.
  2. Dinner By Heston (Michelin Star Kitchen): Witness the fusion of historical British flavours with a modern twist under the guidance of Chef Tom Allen and Chef Heston Blumenthal.
  3. Right Bite (Meal Plan Kitchen): Journey through the art of meal planning at Right Bite, where culinary planning reaches new heights (2 episodes).
  4. Lowe (Green Michelin Star restaurant): Go behind the scenes of Lowe, a renowned Michelin Green Star restaurant dedicated to sustainability.
  5. Fatafeat (Studio Kitchen): Uncover the magic of food cinematography in Fatafeat’s studio.
  6. Ariana’s Persian Kitchen (Persian Kitchen): Explore the fusion of contemporary dining and authentic Persian cuisine led by Chef Ariana.
  7. Talabat (Cloud Kitchens): Dive into the culinary revolution happening in the world of cloud kitchens, led by Talabat.

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