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The brand aims to deliver healthy, 100% toxin free food from fair trade practices to homes in the UAE

Big Farm Brothers

Founded with a vision for humans to co-exist with nature in an environmentally friendly way, Big Farm Brothers has announced the launch of 54 new products across multiple categories. Products such as rice, chia seeds, quinoa seeds, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, raw honey, pulses and beans, oil, spices and herbs are authentic, certified organic and come in biodegradable packaging in-line with the company’s motto of reducing carbon footprints.

Headquartered in Dubai, the organization works directly with a community of farmers, collecting fresh produce and providing customers with chemical free consumables. In order to retain its high quality and taste, the crops are sourced from the Himalayan range in South and East Asia where the land is highly fertile in nature. In addition, the Big Farm Brothers team practices fair trade with the intention to support and promote organic and sustainable farming practices.

With the launch of these products, the company looks to advocate a lifestyle that is healthy.

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