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In alignment with Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort’s enduring commitment to environmental responsibility, the resort introduces an advanced on-site Hydroponic Farm, marking a significant milestone in its sustainability journey.

Organic Hydroponic Farm

Operating under the principles of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), the farm regulates various environmental factors to ensure contamination-free cultivation. The farm integrates a Hybrid System of Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Deep Water Culture (DWC) with Integrated Gravity-Driven Water Circulation, guaranteeing optimal hydration and nutrient provision to the plants. Specialized LED lights, calibrated to emulate natural sunlight, illuminate the crops according to a carefully orchestrated day-night cycle.

Spanning an area of 40.5 square meters, the hydroponic farm functions as a self-sufficient unit, expertly managed from seeding and harvesting to packaging and delivery. Automated processes and remote monitoring enable the cultivation of over 130 crop varieties, yielding an impressive average of 11 kilograms daily, available to guests six days a week.

Organic Hydroponic Farm

The hydroponic farm reinforces Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort’s commitment to offering eco-conscious luxury experiences, ensuring guests can savour gastronomic dishes that are both delectable and gentle on the environment.

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