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Amelia Restaurant and Lounge, known for its blend of culinary excellence and steampunk-retro atmosphere, joins the esteemed 50 Best Discovery list, solidifying its position among the world’s premier establishments

This recognition underscores Amelia’s excellence and inclusion in a meticulously curated selection of venues by the renowned city guide platform, offering recommendations from expert Academies spanning over 600 cities worldwide. Amelia Dubai offers guests an immersive experience in a retro-futuristic steampunk-themed setting, characterised by elegance and a feminine atmosphere that seamlessly blends elements of aviation and machinery with sophistication.

At Amelia restaurant and lounge, culinary excellence takes centre stage, featuring a menu inspired by Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, resulting in meticulously crafted Nikkei Cuisine with Mediterranean nuances, ensuring a delectable and unforgettable dining adventure.

Meanwhile, Amelia Dubai’s mixologists demonstrate precision and creativity in their craft, presenting a diverse selection of both modern and classic beverages. Beyond gastronomy, the Amelia Restaurant and Lounge experience extends into a sensational musical journey, where resident DJs curate a fusion of Ethnic, Lounge, Deep Tech, Afro, and Progressive House beats.

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