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Hotels on Dubai’s popular JBR strip are using falconry to combat the area’s problem crows.

Rentokil GM James Nicholson, says scaring the crows by introducing a bigger bird to protect hotels’ outdoor areas, is proving popular with almost every 5-star in the neighbourhood. It’s the only solution to a difficult problem as every bird species apart from the feral pigeon is protected in the UAE.

“From JBR to Satwa there is a massive bird problem, for the hotels and beaches. Almost all of the 5-star hotels there now use this as a solution and it’s one of our most popular business lines,” Nicholson commented.

Aside from birds, the company receives “70 – 80%” of its business from bedbug infestations, which Nicholson cautions should be dealt with earlier in the chain.

“Pest control is a case of reputation management. When it comes to problems like bedbugs it needs to be controlled at the staff accommodation, as many problems are transported, causing expenditure within the hotels themselves.”
Rentokil launches is winter promotion on October 1 with 20% off its entire fly killer range.

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