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Culinary artistry reigns supreme at Mediterranean restaurant Yava, as Chef Olcay rustles up artistic gastronomy

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Yava, a chic Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai, is celebrating the artist responsible for the creative culinary offerings on their menu, Chef Olcay Hanci. Impressing diners with dishes that boast irresistible flavour, fine quality and remarkable presentation, Chef Olcay is a master at the epicurean arts.

He began his career in the year 2004, where he took on the role of an intern at a leading luxury hotel while he pursued his culinary education in high school. He was quick to make a name for himself and by 2009, his professional career took off at Eskişehireven as he furthered his education at the Anadolu University Culinary Department.

Just two short years later, in 2011, Olcay moved to Istanbul where he found himself at the hub of a food landscape; and within five years he had already established Gastro in the city.

Chef Olcay, who with his partners started a restaurant venture to broaden his professional expertise, relocated to Dubai in early 2019 where he took part in two other projects. Soon after, he became involved in the Yava restaurant venture, alongside Basil Yassin, the mastermind behind the concept. This decision took Chef Olcay’s career to the next level and he subsequently assumed complete control of Yava’s cuisine, becoming an integral part of the establishment and a key member of the team behind the restaurant.

Sited in the buzzing Wasl 51 area, Yava, named after the port city of Yafa, celebrates the shared history of 21 countries nestled by the Mediterranean Sea and seamlessly blends their unique culinary influences in its broad selection of mezze, pasta, fatayer, signature mains and desserts. Diners can expect to be taken on a gastronomic journey teeming with delicacies that capture the essence of the Mediterranean. And with an acclaimed culinary master such as Chef Olcay at the helm of the kitchen, Yava will undoubtedly continue to please all palates.

Open daily on weekdays from 8am-11:30pm and on weekends from 8-12:30am. Call +9714 548 5733. Visit Instagram.

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