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Ultima Collection has pledged to remove 1kg of plastic from the ocean for each night a guest stays with them

Ultima Collection plastic removal

Ultima Collection, an award-winning group of ultra-luxury private villas and residences, a 5-star superior hotel, resort and spas, situated in the most sought-after locations in Europe, has pledged to fund the removal of 1kg of plastic from the world’s oceans for each night that a guest stays at one of their waterfront properties: Ultima Corfu and Ultima Geneva Grand Villa.

The sustainability initiative has been launched in partnership with Oceanic Global, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing measurable solutions to protect the world’s oceans.

Alongside rising sea levels and temperatures, plastic pollution is a major threat to our marine ecosystems and the exquisite creatures populating it. In Ultima’s properties where idyllic blue waters are inescapable sights, such as in Corfu and Geneva, they are further inviting guests to envision a world without them and to donate either USD100 (approximately AED367), USD500 (approximately AED1,836), USD1000 (approximately AED3,673), or a value of their choice. Ocean clean-ups help rid waters of plastic and other pollutants discarded by humans every day. It means that their stays will help to create healthier marine ecosystems and, ultimately, a happier planet.

What’s more, Ultima Collection has partnered with Heroe5, a bespoke digital platform that allows online donations in as quick as 5 seconds through scanning a QR code display on their mobile phones. Guests can access the links with total ease, without impacting on their luxury guest experience.

The announcement follows Ultima’s 2021 pledge to plant a tree for each night a guest stays with them. They kickstarted the project – a collaboration with non-profit reforestation organisation, One Tree Planted – having pledged 10,000 trees across Europe in locations susceptible to deforestation.

Michala Chatel, Managing Partner of Ultima Collection, stated that by partnering with Oceanic Global, they were providing guests with an initiative that will resonate with those staying in their waterfront properties as much as the One Tree Planted has with those in their alpine properties.

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