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In our industry, customers are getting used to seeing molecular recipes, gels, foams, pralines and chocolate bars on their menus. Before the meal even begins, more customers are asking for their bread basket to contain spelt, sourdough, rye and ‘free-from’ breads. Even the bread basket needs to show innovation now…

The bottom line? Pastry chefs and bakers need to stay ahead of the game in order to be successful and progress your career. Don’t forget, professional chef training is not only the key to boosting your career, it’s also great fun to learn, meet and network with your industry peers.

Why should you take a professional course?

  • You learn how to improve and create new products with new techniques
  • You elevate your skill levels and getting a new certification helps you to reach the next level in your career
  • Your confidence in new techniques and results can help transform your work performance
  • Taking a professional course in pastry, chocolate work, bread or baking is simply fascinating, totally enjoyable and makes learning a pleasure
  • For chefs working in other sections, taking a beginner, intermediate or advanced course in baking, chocolate or pastry helps to make you a valuable all-rounder in the kitchen, which is great for your career progression.

Chef Roland Eitzinger, Head of Swiss Bread and Baking at Dubai’s prestigious Richemont Masterbaker Centre of Excellence in Baking & Pastry, has overseen the successful training programs of thousands of chefs. His advice to chefs of all levels who want to increase their skills levels and knowledge of techniques is, “Without a doubt, taking a professional level bakery or pastry course brings out a new level of ‘best’ in you and raises your standards. Not only this, the pastry chefs and bakers we train usually leave with a new level of confidence that they take to their workplaces. The more techniques you learn, the more valuable you become in the industry.”

The ability to offer more impressive bakery and pastry products to customers is also one of the reasons that F&B managers choose to send their chefs on a professional training course at Richemont Masterbaker Centre of Excellence in Baking & Pastry – one of the industry’s best-recognised and most respected training schools for professional chefs in the region.

Use the links below to get a quick overview on the following courses:

Bread & Baking Program

Pastry & Chocolate Program

Details: For further information, check out the Richemont Masterbaker website.

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