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On a mission to solidify its existence in the metaverse, Pickl has released a first look at its virtual restaurant

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Pickl, an award-winning burger joint in the UAE, has released its first preview into the brand’s virtual restaurant in the metaverse. This sneak-peak will provide burger enthusiasts a glimpse into what they can expect from the brand’s space in the metaverse.

The meticulously-selected and detailed “meta restaurant” has been carefully designed to replicate each feature available at its physical outlets. From the pink accents seen around the physical venue, to its framed Pickl favourites hung on the walls, the virtual restaurant is fully-equipped to welcome both its existing Pickl food enthusiasts and curious palates from across the globe to virtually tour the soon-to-open space.

With an area of 2,000sq ft, the space will host exclusive brand-themed games and sell virtual apparel and Pickl-inspired NFTs, which can be used as virtual apparel to customise avatars or redeemed for physical items. To match the brand’s ambitious plans to bring food delivery into the virtual world, the restaurant will also feature a designated area for delivery riders. This will allow UAE-based users to place their orders while in the metaverse and receive the delivery in the physical world.

Pickl founder and CEO Steve Flawith stated that Pickl restaurants across the UAE have always been places to enjoy oneself; and Pickl in the metaverse will be no different as it will have everything that makes their physical outlets special, plus more thanks to the limitless possibilities of the metaverse.

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