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Norwegian tableware company Figgjo is becoming known for its imaginative and AS is a large exporter, with 40% of its products production being sold outside the country, including the Middle East, where it is represented by Blue Ribbon.

Chefs have conflicting choices in their buying decisions for tableware. Most opt for simplicity to allow their dishes to shine but often look for something radically different to create focal points of interest. Porcelain from Figgjo is used extensively for this purpose by Norwegian chefs, who see its design ethos as reflective of the new thrust in Scandanavian cuisine towards foraged food and highly artistic plating.

A new series of generous, informal plates, cups and pedestal plates, known as Figgjo Base, offer a whole range of opportunities for both relaxed bistro meals and refined gastronomy. The series also comes in four different decorative styles: Figgjo Flom, Figgjo Dryss, Figgjo Strøk and Figgjo Skygge.

“This new series works to capture both the needs of the chef and trends in the market,” according to Anne Linn Olsen, Marketing Co-ordinator at Figgjo. “The series is soft and friendly in its design, but can also be combined to create a rough expression when setting the table.”

Some of the plates are flat while others have a higher rim, creating something between a plate and a bowl. Cups and mugs are also included in the series and are created for multiple uses, suitable for soup, salad or potato dishes as well as drinks. Olsen continues, “Our designers, Eli Oftedal Sømme, Constance Gaard Kristiansen and Tonje Sandberg, have used various techniques and methods to produce an organic, fluid look. We note that the chefs we have tested this on are increasingly enthusiastic when serving up meals on Figgjo plates.”

All the products are decorated by hand, giving them a natural variation.

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