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Nana, an online grocery delivery concept in Saudi Arabia, has revealed a new vision with the aim of driving a nationwide expansion

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Nana is a leading online shopping application and grocery delivery platform in Saudi Arabia, dedicated to fulfilling household grocery needs. The brand currently operates in Riyadh and Jeddah through Nana Express and Nana Hyper; in Khobar and Dammam under Nana Hyper; and is being joined by various supermarkets and partners across Saudi Arabia.

Nana has recently announced its new vision, that will focus on strengthening its market position and driving expansion nationwide. As part of this strategy, Nana has also adopted a new brand identity incorporating its ‘Nana the camel’ emblem inspired by the animal’s celebrated qualities of reliability, faithfulness, strength, patience and the ability to reach its destinations.

At the launch of the new brand identity, founder and CEO Sami Alhelwah stated that the company aims to become the daily companion of every household in the Kingdom and is spearheading market growth of the online shopping and delivery sector.

The company aims to capture a 40 per cent market share, equal to over USD900 million (SAR3,375,900,000) by 2025, from its current 13 per cent of the Saudi market.

Nana’s founder and CEO Sami Alhelwah went on to explain that the launch of the new brand identity marks the beginning of Nana’s transformation, while also highlighting their success in building, modernising and upgrading an effective local Saudi brand with the aim to grow into a promising global entity yet locally-rooted brand.

A survey of the online postal services and delivery applications market by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) showed that 57 per cent of the population used e-commerce services in 2021, with customers spending a monthly average of SAR256. Food and beverages delivery services were the most popular, followed by groceries, medicines, medical products and personal supplies.

Industry reports predict a revenue increase for delivery applications in Saudi Arabia to SAR11.9 billion by 2026; and the number of users for online food delivery applications is also projected to reach 15.9 million users by 2026.

Saed Al-Ali, VP of Marketing, commented that the brand launch marks a new phase of growth with the overall vision of making everyone’s life easier and hassle-free. Hisham Al-Ali, VP of People, praised the role of the many young Saudis working at Nana who have been pivotal in enriching the company’s culture and identity; and Commercial Director Haytham AlQadi added that the Nana team is outstanding.

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