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GRIFFCO, the joint venture between Griffith foods and IFFCO, have announced Richard Pattison as their new General Manager


GRIFFCO is the strategic partnership between Griffith foods, a global product development specialist known for creating high-quality food ingredients with over 100 years of global expertise, research and innovation and IFFCO an international conglomerate based in the UAE with deep-rooted heritage and infrastructure in the region.

The brand, designed to build and protect customers’ brands in the GCC, the Levant region, Egypt and Pakistan and to create innovative and sustainable food solutions in the B2B space, has appointed Richard Pattison as their new General Manager.

Richard brings over 20 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry and is a global senior sales expert in sweet and savoury food systems, speciality flour, culinary sauces, UHT and oils and fats. In his new role, Richard will be spearheading the operational, innovative and future growth of the recently launched GRIFFCO foods.

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