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Influential restauranteur Evgeny Kuzin and culinary expert Chef Izu Ani partner with Accor to launch Kitch-In, an intelligent food technology platform

Kitch-In UAE
The forces behind successful restaurant concepts including Gaia and Shanghai Me, Evgeny Kuzin and Chef Izu Ani, have united with Accor to launch Kitch-In with the aim to deliver premium cuisine and high-quality flavours at affordable prices.

The value-added F&B innovation launched in this month of April, with plans to revolutionise home-delivery and in-room dining through intelligent infrastructure that manages and maintains consistent quality control at every stage.

The development of a custom-made digital framework allows Kitch-In to enhance and elevate the lives of its users, as well as transform room-service across the hotel industry worldwide. Kitch-In features legacy restaurant brands, as well as an increasing amount of unique home-grown virtual outlets.

The team combines award-winning expertise with the knowledge of food scientists and nutritionists, led by CEO Adrian Azodi who brings skills and insights from his previous role at Deliveroo. To start, Kitch-In has launched with four digital brands, with more planned to go live before the end of the year, and the launch of its own easy-to-use application, in time.

Kitch-In aims to create dishes without compromising on flavour and nutritional values. As of now, the four brands feature fine-Italian food, Greek street food, Japanese street food and Korean street food.

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