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Electrolux Professional has announced an international alliance with WORLDCHEFS, the global network of chefs’ associations, aimed at sharing the common knowledge and increasing awareness on specific topics related to sustainable cooking.

The new partnership between Electrolux Professional and WORLDCHEFS will launch a number of dedicated exciting activities which will unite the beauty of the culinary arts with the breakthroughs in culinary technology. This ‘Art & Science Come Together’ programme will combine the culinary creativity and talent of the WACS chefs with the knowledge, technology and specialised experience of the solutions offered by Electrolux Professional.

For decades Electrolux has been present in one of the most demanding workplaces, the professional kitchen, gaining exclusive insight from working among top-ranked and talented chefs worldwide, which has led to the development of innovative and thoughtful solutions that improve the business of restaurants around the world and help consumers experience culinary enjoyment. Sharing this knowledge is at the very foundation of this exclusive partnership.

The first initiative in the pipeline is Chef2Chef, a series of seminars created to bring Chefs together at the Electrolux Professional Innovation Centers, extensive showrooms equipped with training kitchens designed for equipment demonstration, cooking sessions and educational trainings, spread across the world.

These educational training sessions will be focused around core themes, such as sustainable cooking utilising locally sourced ingredients, with details on how chefs can plan, source, and prepare, using the technology and science behind the Electrolux Professional solutions, such as the Cook&Chill system. The partnership will focus initially on four key areas – Dubai, Russia, United Kingdom and United States – and will be featuring several annual events in each local Innovation Center, but more activities will follow, involving even more countries.

According to Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WACS, “Electrolux has always been a preferred professional brand for chefs. We are pleased and excited about this partnership, which opens up numerous opportunities for chefs around the world to improve their skills and benefit from the vast knowledge and experience Electrolux Professional brings to the table.

“What makes Electrolux unique is that we are always focused on the solution for the foodservice players,” added Alberto Zanata, President of Electrolux Professional. “We offer a complete system that starts with the preparation, then the preservation and refrigeration, then the cooking process. When designing a product we talk about the complete process. You need product specialisation but at the same time we are also systems integrators: combining technology, sustainability and training is precisely what we aim to achieve.”



WORLDCHEFS is a global network of chefs associations first founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. At that first congress, there were 65 delegates from 17 countries, representing 36 national and international associations. August Escoffier was named the first Honourary Presiden.

Today, this global body has 93 official chefs associations as members that represent over ten million professional chefs worldwide. The biennial congress is a hallmark tradition of WACS and has been organised in over 20 cities across the world throughout its history.

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