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Amazon UAE has announced its continued collaboration with the UAE Food Bank to unveil the 2024 edition of ‘Iftar on Wheels’, a meal donation initiative aimed at supporting thousands of families in need during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Building on its longstanding partnership, Amazon will utilize its operational network, technology, and scale to pack and distribute Iftar meals to beneficiaries across the Emirates. This year, Amazon plans to mobilise its operations and delivery network to distribute 50,000 kilograms of food, providing a mix of grocery supplies, fresh meals, and logistical support for safe and timely delivery to underprivileged families.

Additionally, Amazon’s ‘Iftar on Wheels’ initiative will kickstart a company-wide employee volunteering program, offering over 1,200 volunteering opportunities throughout 2024 to support vulnerable communities across the UAE. This initiative reflects Amazon’s global commitment to combat food insecurity and underscores its dedication to strengthening communities through innovative and passionate initiatives. Leveraging its advanced operations and fulfilment network, Amazon will deploy its expertise in convenient and reliable delivery to distribute food essentials to families in need.

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