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Paramount Hotel Midtown has attained the Silver Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) Stamp, highlighting its dedication to sustainable practices and responsible tourism in Dubai. Following a thorough inspection in September 2023, the hotel demonstrated excellence in implementing innovative sustainability initiatives aligned with the DST Sustainability 19 Measures.

“We are honoured to have received the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp, a testament to our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable hospitality. Our commitment goes beyond token gestures; from initiatives like introducing wooden room keycards and embracing more collaborative, community-driven endeavours, each step underscores our resolute dedication to reducing plastic usage, and waste and championing environmentally responsible practices,” remarked Nicholas Chalmers, General Manager of Paramount Hotel Midtown in Business Bay.

Paramount Hotel Midtown has been committed to sustainability from its inception, exemplified by its elimination of single-use plastic water bottles and partnerships with sustainable entities for various hotel aspects, reflecting its dedication to environmentally responsible practices. Notably, in their kitchen and restaurants, they’ve introduced the “Sustainable Dish of the Day” on Business Lunch menus, promoting locally sourced ingredients and bolstering the UAE’s sustainable food ecosystem.

To advance sustainability endeavours, the hotel plans to implement water irrigation systems for staff areas and encourage staff to use stairs instead of elevators, aiming to foster healthier lifestyles and decrease energy consumption. Through initiatives like recycling rooms, digital paper alternatives, and energy-efficient measures such as LED lighting and motion sensors, Paramount Hotel Midtown actively promotes responsible resource management and environmental conservation.

Looking forward, the hotel’s plans include forging partnerships with CSR corporations and local food banks, conducting trials for food waste composting, establishing rooftop gardens for locally sourced produce, and installing electric car charging points.

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