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On December 6, the French Dairy Board hosted an exquisite dinner at Chez Wam restaurant

The event was a tribute to the opulent and diverse flavours of French dairy cream, attracting key professionals from the dairy industry, including importers, retailers, dairy brands, and esteemed pastry chefs from the UAE. Renowned chef Hadrien Villedieu curated a menu that showcased the exceptional qualities of dairy cream, emphasising its versatility and role as a natural flavour enhancer.

The evening not only featured delightful dishes but also marked the official launch of the fifth edition of the Magazine Cream Chapter, a publication dedicated to exploring the world of dairy creams, providing insights into their diverse uses and the latest industry trends. The focal point of the fifth issue is infused creams and the taste for travel, providing readers with a sensory journey through the diverse and imaginative world of dairy cream.

The evening at Chez Wam, featuring Chef Hadrien Villedieu’s exquisite creations, symbolised appreciation for the artistry and innovation of French dairy cream, transcending a mere gastronomic experience to become a celebration of its rich heritage and potential in the dynamic realm of fine dining.

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