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Dibba Bay Oysters, the exclusive gourmet oyster farm in the Middle East, has announced the launch of the Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project.

This new endeavour aims to construct a 700-meter structure to revitalise and safeguard marine ecosystems in Dibba, Northern Fujairah, UAE by repurposing oyster shells for the construction of oyster reefs. In collaboration with the Fujairah Environmental Authority and the Fujairah Research Centre, the Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project is designed to foster the growth of indigenous shellfish species in Dibba.

The primary objective is to establish marine ecosystems and habitats while creating a designated area for crucial environmental research, encompassing activities like monitoring native shellfish populations and coral seeding. The initiative involves collecting recycled Dibba Bay oyster shells, curing them at the Dibba Bay oyster farm, and encapsulating them in eco-friendly gabion cylinders measuring 80 cm in height.

Subsequently, these shell structures are reintroduced to the Dibba ocean, serving as substrates to facilitate the settlement of marine life, thus forming the foundation of a dynamic new ocean reef habitat. The Dibba Bay Reef Creation Project not only entails the meticulous collection of oysters from Dibba Bay outlets in Dubai but also encourages partner hotels and restaurants in Dubai and Fujairah to participate by donating their empty Dibba Bay oyster shells.

An open invitation is extended to hotels and restaurants interested in collaborating on the project to connect with Additionally, corporate sponsorship opportunities are available for those looking to contribute to this vital ocean conservation initiative.

For consumers, dedicated shell recycling bins are conveniently located at Dibba Bay outlets in Dubai for the disposal of oyster shells, with the added convenience of a shell collection service offered for home delivery customers by Dibba Bay.

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